An amusing and brief interview of some of us currency folks at the Impact Economy Summit

At the Impact Economy Summit we had a breakout group exploring the concept of Deep Wealth that I had presented briefly. This is a brief report back.

Eric and I were invited to present Ceptr on the monthly MIT/KIT webinar for emerging Internet technologies. April 2015
Arthur and Eric do a post-monetary jazz ensemble at the Strategies for a New Economy Conference at Bard College - May 2012.

This video is from the second year of Emerging Leader Labs sharing our gratitude with the people who supported us. August 2013.

Summer 2012 Eric and I ran a gift-economy based social change incubator. It was awesome! Ben Brownell captured much of the spirit of it in this video.

The real possibility of Occupy Wall Street is not about physical occupation of a street, but about replacing the role that Wall St. plays in wealth creation. We spoke at Re-Visioning Money Day on October 24, 2011 at 60 Wall St. Thanks to Katie Teague for filming!

Our first video/interview outlining the basic concepts of the Metacurrency Project.