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12 May 2009

Differences Between "Open Source" and "Open Currency"

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[Cross posted from New Currency Frontiers]
Alan’s last couple of posts have attempted to address confusion Openness and what we mean when we talk about that with respect to currencies or the new economy. Responses from various folks indicate that more clarification would be useful.

21 Mar 2009

The Footprints of Flow

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Alan’s most recent of posts (about P2P Currency and Currency Platforms) outline a trajectory that points in this direction, but I want to specifically spell out one thing that is so different about what we’re building than any other currency projects we’ve seen.

There are some fundamental shifts that must be made in currency infrastructure for us to break free of the constraints and dysfunctional patterns of the past, and I don’t believe that any prior platforms provide for these necessary shifts yet.

I’ll let Eric write about how MCP and SGFL are also a complete departure, but I’m writing about the one that has been consuming my attention: Intrinsic Data Integrity.