21 Jan 2011

Money Can't Buy You Love...or Trust.

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Money Can't Buy You Love...or Trust.    [Reposted from New Currency Frontiers]

Let's lay this out on the table as simply and clearly as possible (continuing Alan's theme about Quid Pro Quo).
That's not how I interact with my closest family and friends. We share things freely. You don't need to pay me for meals or for using my car, my camper or my bike. We don't really keep track of things like who bought the movie tickets or paid more than their share at the restaurant.

Of course, we don't have to keep track of those things because we trust each other. We know that we all chip in to take care of each other. This is the way clans and tribes have worked for millions of years of human history. We're deeply steeped in this type of sharing and it comes completely naturally to us.