27 Nov 2014

The Pervasiveness of Consciousness and Language

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The word “atom” means indivisible in the original Greek. It was supposed to be the smallest indivisible object. “Object” meaning: tangible thing put before the senses. Atoms were supposed to be the smallest little LEGO blocks out of which everything was built. Western reductive materialism is largely predicated on seeing the world this way: A bunch of passive objects bouncing off of each other, except for us. Humans with sentience. Somehow we rose above the random chemical reactions of Universe to become intelligent. Now it is our right to arrange these LEGOs however we please (whether a God-given right according to the creationists or Sentience-given according to the scientists).

Does that story start to sound a bit thin when stated that plainly?

Prevailing scientific models no longer see atoms as indivisible objects, but rather a markedly complex system of interacting wavicles, forces, fields, and probability densities (wavicles = wave-particles which simultaneously have the properties of a wave and a particle).

We gave up indivisibility a long time ago. The current Wikipedia entry (excerpted below) about subatomic particle lists 100 of them without even getting far into anti-matter and anti-particles:

05 Nov 2014

A Thought Experiment

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Imagine an intelligent alien species with such powerful skills of telepathy that they have no concept of language. They experience instantaneous knowledge of each other’s mental and emotional states just by shifting their attention to another of their kind. How would this alien perceive a meeting session of Parliament, Congress or the United Nations?

26 Apr 2009

Currencies as DNA of Social Organisms

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I just posted a reply to a post about currencies as the DNA of social organisms on New Currency Frontiers Blog and wanted to cross-post it here.

Many people seem to struggle with the "social organism" metaphor. I think that might be a function of two things: 1) loose boundaries which make it difficult to see social level organisms in the usual way we see "things" and 2) wanting to be individually more important than we are.

29 Oct 2008

Critical to expand perception of Currencies

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On the Complementary Currency Skype channel we've got going, there was brief but old standard debate going on about fiat vs. mutual credit currencies.

I chimed in with:

        When you expand your perspective about currency beyond only medium of exchange / monetary currencies the need for fiat    currencies becomes clear.

        For example, debiting a University for granting a college degree as reputation currency starts sounding awfully silly. There are quite valid reasons for fiat currencies.

        However, if your goal is to create sustained monetary value, that form of issuance tends to be "bad tech." I think we might be able to transcend some of the dogmatic Mac/PC or Fiat/Mutual-Credit posturing if we consider these broader applications they create sharper contrasts and clearer hues so that we can learn which adjustments effect what outcomes.