Arthur Brock

Welcome. My web site is a catch-all for the strange projects and activities that I’m involved in. Friends who know I’m not good about sending correspondence or newsletters have encouraged me to provide a central place to keep up. 

The truth is that since my first web site in 1995, I really haven’t been reliable for posting much about myself. Now I’m being poked, prodded and supported in doing so. So I hope to do better.

I spend most of my time and energy on projects that I believe support and accelerate the harmonious evolution of humanity. We live in strange and miraculous times. Rapid transition and transformation surround us, but the outcomes of these transitions are still uncertain. I believe that humanity has much greater capacities than we currently employ. I am working to unleash those capacities for the mutual benefit of all.

You can find out more about me on the bottom of this page or learn about projects old and new. I’m also trying to include regular media from my activities on the “go deeper” page.