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M'Lissa (Roulson) Story did her Masters thesis using Emerging Leader Labs as a case study for Social Innovation Incubators. This is her presentation of her thesis. Okay, it's not exactly news/press, but it's actually kind of cooler. Somebody did a whole Masters thesis about ELL! // or whatever the title of M'Lissa's full thesis is. :)
Jacki Saorsail compiled a whole output packet as part of her capstone project for her Masters from Gaia University. Be sure to note there are SEVEN TABS OF CONTENT across the top of the page. That's where most the beef is, not on the "cover page."
Gaia University - Capstone Output Packet for Masters Degree
23 Aug 2012

Emerging Leader Labs - Seed Project

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I'm way overdue for an update here. I have about 20 partially written posts that I've just never finished. I guess I just need to put them up however they stand.

So Eric and I decided to translate all our abstract MetaCurrency theory into practical, engaging action and start Emerging Leader Labs.

We're creating a template for social impact incubators to flourish outside of the monetary economy.

Summer 2012 Eric and I ran a gift-economy based social change incubator. It was awesome! Ben Brownell captured much of the spirit of it in this video.