20 Nov 2014

Hacking my Productivity

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I just responded to Tomis' post in his Agile Learning Center blog about how his time and work is structured. It's a part of his own practice in the Learning Cycle we talk about in ALCs (Intend --> Create --> Reflect --> Share).  So he's reflecting on his work and sharing what he's seeing so others can learn from it and be connected to him in his process.

I'm also trying to tune my work practices a bit, and have a new hack that I just responded to him about, so following his lead, I'm also going to share it here.  Besides, I need a place I can put the actual image. :)

[ === Comment Posted in Tomis' Blog ===]

Kanban Backlog Prioritization Hack

It's great to see your explorations in applying ALC principles to your own work. It's so critical that the students see us authentically e
ngaging in the same kinds of processes that they are.
I've been exploring some of this for my work recently too.  I'm trying a 2x2-dimensional hack on the backlog in my main kanban to help me organize/prioritize my time and tasks (I know... you're using Trello, I'm still using mini-stickies on one of our folding mag-white boards).

16 Nov 2014

Returning from NYC

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I went down to NYC for the weekend to spend some time with Timothy. It was good to get some time with him, although we did spend a bunch of that time watching episodes of Psyche. :) I drove Sarah's girls (Lily, Georgia & Ruby) down with me and brought them back too. That made the drive a lot more fun.

On the way down, I swung by the Retreat Center that I'm entertaining notions of acquiring as a campus for all these world-changing projects. It was good to get a glimpse, but I haven't arrived at complete clarity about moving forward with that approach yet.

01 Nov 2014

Overdue Personal Update

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It looks like it's been two years since I've posted here and a ridiculous amount has happened.

17 Apr 2006

On the passing of my father...

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There are too many feelings and too few words.  After two weeks, the tumultuous sea is subsiding.  I'm gaining some peace with what has happened and integrating the notion that I will not see my dad again on this earth.  Maybe it's time to write about it...