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15 Nov 2004

Feminist Gift Economy Conference

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-- posting from the conference in Las Vegas --
I'm a little hesitant to write about this so frankly, because it is not my intention to be overly critical.  There were a lot of positive and interesting aspects to this conference, but there's a way that I feel kind of like I got on the feminist "short bus" this weekend.  Especially since I brought a friend and it was really her first introduction to feminism.
I'm pretty well-schooled and deeply steeped in feminism (having studied with hardcore, lesbian, separatist types like Marilyn Frye), and that may be why this weekend was such a disappointment.  It was the most patriarchally structured conference that I've been to in many years.  Largely academic presenters reading their papers from a stage in an auditorium.  Formal time for asking questions of the "experts" was set aside.  The conversation was carefully managed and controlled.