05 Nov 2015

ALCs as NextGen Self-Directed Learning (Pt.1)

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[Still a draft, but it's time to post these first 7 pages (Part 1 of 2)]

Since the first Agile Learning Center was built from the ashes of a dying Free School, a number of our tools were developed specifically to address common challenges which Free Schools face. We’ve also had similar or even more striking positive results from other Free Schools using ALC tools which has led them to switch over to become an Agile Learning Center.

04 Nov 2015

ALC Starter Kit

in Agile Learning Centers, Education

ALC ToolboxI'm not going to post all 70 pages of the Agile Learning Center Starter Kit here, but it is a big chunk of writing that I spent a couple weeks this summer authoring.  So, I figure it really counts as writing that I'd like to share.

What's exciting is that we haven't particularly promoted the Starter Kit much yet, and we've had a couple hundred downloads from all over the world and a dozen or so ALC start-up groups that have signed on because of it.

So, if you're looking for solutions for 21st Century education and ready for a framework to support children in designing their own education, then you should download the Starter Kit (disclaimer, it's still a BETA / draft).

22 Nov 2014

Answers are Truly no Better than Questions

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Or stated more clearly -- the answers you have are limited to the quality of the questions you asked.

This is a way bigger deal than we think.

You see… Our culture, our institutions, and our educational system all teach us that it’s very important to have the right answers. The people with the right answers are the powerful ones.

Well, there’s a big hitch in that equation. Having the right answers to stupid questions is the same as having stupid answers.

06 Nov 2014

Those Kids and Their Darn Gadgets <grumble...grumble>

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I consistently hear these sorts of complaints a lot from parents, grandparents, and random adults on Facebook bemoaning the decline of a sort of basic decency among today’s youth.

  • “Kids today are addicted to being on their damn electronic devices.”
  • “Kids don’t even learn proper spelling or grammar with their stupid text speak.”
  • “Video games and smartphones are like crack for young minds.”
  • “Kids today aren’t learning necessary social skills since they won’t pull their noses out of their devices.”