01 Mar 2016

Perspectives on Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies

in Blockchain, Ceptr, Crypto, Currencies, Distributed Systems
blockchain-visualizationsMany are looking to the blockchain to solve many decentralization and consensus problems. I believe the infrastructure people are seeking is possible to build, but not in the way blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been approaching it so far.  There are fundamental flaws to the current popular approach that will keep it from ever reaching the scale on which we need collective intelligence, currencies, sense-making and distributed computing infrastructure to operate. 
Of course, this is why we've been building Ceptr – to provide the necessary infrastructure for these kinds of distributed systems. It solves all the same problems, but has been built from fundamentally different initial assumptions, so the more you know about cryptocurrencies, the harder it can be to understand why we're doing what we're doing.
I'll start with a summary of highlights and then drill into greater detail in the next posts - providing some examples of ways to make these kinds of distributed applications and cryptocurrencies work on a large scale.
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